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Declutter for the Holidays

Hello to all, With the holidays approaching take advantage of the 10% discount we offering through the holiday season. Remove those items that have been taking up valuable space around your home, the garage or basement. Pitch It & Forget It offers a wide range of services pertaining to junk [...]

Spring Cleaning Time is here…

Hello to our current customers and our future customers, spring is upon us once again and it time to declutter your garages, your basements etc... Keep in mind we take any and all items as long as they are non-hazardous, so please feel free to give us a call at [...]

Fall clean out.

With fall fast approaching there are plenty of items around many households that need to hauled away, such as T.V.'s old furniture and appliances. Pitch It & Forget It will also do entire house clean outs or we will come and just remove one item depending on what the customers [...]

It’s Spring Cleaning Time St.Louis!

Spring is here and so is the junk you have been wanting to move from your home since last year. Call Pitch It & Forget It 314-932-1100, we are a commercial and residential Junk removal service. Pitch It removes old Televisions, furniture removal, we will haul away most items and [...]

Winter Home Junk Removal

Winter is here, and also a good time to get rid of those unwanted items around the house or office that are taking up valuable space. Do you have an old television or couch taking up valuable space, call Pitch It for a free estimate to haul away that unwanted [...]

Summer Junk Removal

With Summer approaching quickly keep in mind that Pitch & Forget It will come to your residence or  place of business to haul away all of your unwanted items. We will haul away pretty much anything, and will recycle most items. T.V.'s, refrigerators, hot tubs, washer and dryers, sofa sleepers [...]

Television and appliance disposal.

With spring just around the corner please keep Pitchit&Forgetit in mind when disposing of your old T.V.'s and appliances. Pitchit staff will come to your home or business and haul your unwanted items away for a fair and reasonable fee. We also provide free estimates at our customers convenience. We [...]

Television & Appliance removal

Pitchit&Forgetit is a residential and commercial junk removal company, we will pick up old T.V.'s and household appliances. We also pick up old Mattresses and many other household items such as paint and household chemicals. These items are disposed of properly, and we recycle most items. Please feel free to [...]

Television (TV) Removal

Television (TV) Removal In with the new, out with the old! Television removal is a service that Pitch It and Forget It provides on a daily basis for a very competitive fee. Please feel free to call our office and receive a quote to have your old television removed, and [...]

“We contacted Pitch It & Forget It, on short notice, in November 2013, to inquire about hauling some items from our home and moving some furniture/heavy household items within our home in order to relocate a disabled family member from one bedroom to another. From the moment we, initially, called Tony to the time he and his co-worker came to our home to do the work, Tony was extremely helpful, courteous, accommodating, patient, and fair in his dealings with us. He cooperated with us every step of the way and bent over backward for us as we rushed to meet an impending deadline. While in our home, the scope of the job changed, minute to minute, and, consequently, grew from a 20-minute-job to a 3-hour-job, but, Tony and his co-worker patiently, courteously, and professionally accommodated our every request even though they were short on time. Suffice it to say, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the service and the cooperation we received from Pitch It & Forget It.

We have already referred Pitch It & Forget It to friends and family due to our positive experience with them. Tony, thank you for going the extra mile for us and for providing us with such excellent service. We, greatly, appreciate all you did for us….you were, truly, a lifesaver! P.S….Tony, to refresh your memory, we were the 3 ladies in a two-story home located in south St. Louis, near Carondelet Park.”

-Elaine M., Anita D. and Sue K.
“Hello, my name is Matt Murphy and I am the owner of North Star Medical, we specialize in selling used and refurbished medical equipment. When I moved my office from my residence I was overwhelmed with the amount of equipment and parts I had accumulated in my basement in only a few years. I called several companies but ended up going with Pitch It as I felt most comfortable in speaking to them. Bottom line is, they did a great job, and believe me when I say it was no small task, they moved some very heavy items and when the job was complete my basement was spotless. Thanks to the staff at Pitch It. Good luck to you and your staff.”
-Matt M.

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me, I truly could not have accomplished regaining control of my garage with out your help, my car thanks you too, lol. I will recommend you to my family and friends, I really enjoyed that guys that worked at my house, they were polite and very friendly.”

-Kathy S.
“I wanted to send a quick note letting you know that I was glad to work with you and your staff in removing the items from my basement. This was a project I had been putting off for years, finally I decided it was time. I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the hard work, I now have a basement I can use again.”
-Steve Z.
“They were great to work with, and very fair on price! They were on time, friendly, and helpful. I would have them back anytime, and will definitely have them again the next time I need them.”
-Nancy B.

“Really Great Company with Really Great People. This is how you run a business. Easy to make appointments, email confirmations, excellent scheduling and on-time performance. The prices are reasonable and the people are courteous and friendly.”

-Tim M.
“Removed a Chair and washing machine Pitch It came to my house yesterday and removed an old reclyner and washing machine. They were very courteous and helpful and I was so happy to find them. I will definitely use them again.”
-Carol B.

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Moving? Doing some remodeling? Spring cleaning? Tired of using your basement or garage to store unwanted junk? If it’s old, heavy, and needs to go, we can help. Welcome to Pitch It And Forget it, your local and family owned St. Louis junk removal service. Our professional staff will remove your unwanted junk, and clean up the removal site for you. No need to move or relocate anything, just show us the junk and we’ll get to work. If you’ve got junk, just click it to pitch it!

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