Pitch It & Forget at KMOX

We recently just started advertising on KMOX radio for residential and commercial Junk removal services. Enclosed is a picture of me recording the commercial at their studios. This is an attempt to reach a wider market for residential and commercial junk removal.

Specials: We are offering a 10% discount to any customers that use our services and also refers us to a neighbor, family member or friend etc… With winter around the corner talk to your neighbors and friends about having their Junk hauled away and receive a 10% discount.

We have also been doing a lot of Junk removal and hauling in the St. Charles and O’Fallon areas, so for those people in St. Charles and O’Fallon areas that need Junk removed from their homes or business remember to Call Pitchit and Forgetit at 341-932-1100, we provide free estimates and recycle most items.